Thursday, 26 January 2012

The demise of social networks ... Part 2

So, i had blogged about how the importance of social networks is going down and people on the internet have started spending less and less time on these platforms now.  I have in fact met some people, in their college right now, who practically describe their lives on social networks and share everything with their friends - earlier using their laptops - later using their iPhones and Blackberry's - now, NOT SO MUCH.  They have actually gotten bored of "facebook" as facebook is synonymous with social networking now.  Reasons are plenty - bored - less time on hands - looking at other stuff online (hmmm... interesting) - dont want people to know some stuff et all and a lot of other reasons.

But, then on the flip side, i read this interesting article about Google + which talked about adding more and more cool and different features to google + so it could co exist with Facebook and not be a facebook killer - which in my knowledge would mean social networking with a lot of extra features and options, which could enhance one's personal knowledge - increase their business branding - increase their sales online.

So, i guess no one can really be sure whether social network is going to die a gradual death or would it be enhanced with more productive lifestyle features, either to enhance one's personal knowledge or to grow one's business, in either case, if you are already not on social networking platforms promoting your business houses, i think it is time you started doing that.  It is time, you get on the bandwagon and get right up there with your competitors.

I do admit, we generally do have a keen commercial interest when we BLOG, but this is a genuine advice as an internet strategy consultant that if you are not already promoting yourself on social media platforms you are already late and you should start immediately and we can help you do that and also get caught up with your competitors who are already there.

Get in touch with a qualified Internet Marketing professional at MAG Studios and lets evaluate your entry and growth strategy online.

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