Thursday, 19 January 2012

You and Me on Google!!!

So the entire online community and businesses are scampering to be at the top of search engines so you and me and other people like us can find them and go to them and potentially increase their business and sales and revenues, which has made online marketing and search engine optimization one of the primary activities done by IT companies and in fact one of the largest revenue earning service for companies also.  A VERY VERY GOOD thing, no doubt, both for the service provider and the company for whom the service is rendered.  But, what if these search engines are saving our activities online (without our consent) and selling to private investors et all?  Would you still be comfortable searching for everything online, at work, outside work - during night time (Ahem!) and otherwise?

A recent news article got my attention to the following :- "BBVA, Spain’s second-largest bank by assets, is teaming up with Google to use its search engine results to provide advanced forecasts of hotel and tourism demand in the country, part of a plan to market real-time economic indicators to its clients.
The bank and internet group will announce on Monday a scheme called the “BBVA-Google tourism activity in Spain indicator”. The first pilot project has focused on measuring advance demand for hotel stays and tourism interest in Spain by using search engine data."

So, my question is that how is the above possible, if google is not tracking and selling the search information to BBVA?  I read a little more and there was this interesting article on BBC :- Google persuades Spanish bank BBVA to use the cloud :- So is the information sharing by google in return for this activity of BBVA or is it a straight off purchase?  In either case, it is our information - our search pattern - our work on Google which is being shared without our knowledge.

If Google is going to share public information it aggregates, then it should be sharing it with everyone in a public domain - just imagine having access to all that priceless user information, just the thought makes me feel how much more sales and money we can help our client make just by simple analysis of what the market trend is and where it is moving.

Well, till we get access to that information, our clients are still relying and benefiting from our Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization team's knowledge and activities.  If you are looking for more visibility for your website online and are looking to increase your traffic - sales - revenues - then get in touch with us at MAG Studios and let us work with you to increase your revenues.

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