Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Your Website - Is it working for you?

So you have taken the first step and now your business has a website.  It is nice and fancy with the colors you wanted and with fancy things moving all over the website making it look really cool and giving you that competitive edge over your competition online.  But there is a slight issue -- YOU ARE NOT GETTING ANY QUERIES.

WOW!!! that is not a slight issue, that is the MAIN issue.  After all a website is a marketing tool and if your marketing tool is not working, then how will the other functions of your business work.  It is imperative to ensure that a fancy looking website is also functional and serves its purpose i.e generates leads, grows your market and increases your revenues.

At MAG Studios, we focus on both the visual aesthetics and also the functional elements of the website.  After all we have a team of technically sound IIT Engineers and Business Heads having MBA's and PhD's.  If we dont utilize them to their fullest potential for our clients then what do we have them in the company for.

Having said the above, at MAG Studios, each and every website is analyzed to the minutest of details both in terms of the aesthetics - the colors, the layout, the navigation structure, the call-outs and the positioning of various elements across the page.  In addition to the aesthetics, the smallest of functional elements are also evaluated - the depth of the links - the navigation structure, the content of the pages - the landing pages - the conversion pages et all - the list goes on and the efficiency increases.

We aim at making websites and software's which not only increase your productivity and efficiency but also increase your markets and in turn increase your revenue.  Our client list is long and we have referral work from most of our clients, which is the best testimonial we can get for the work we do.

Get in touch with one of our consultants at MAG Studios to see how we can work with you and develop a website or a software system to enhance your productivity and increase your revenues.

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