Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Is Blogging Now a purely Commercial Activity?

A BLOG was meant to be a personal space for people to share their experience - good and bad - to put their thoughts out, sometimes share it with people and something just for one's own reading - to vent out at wrongs - to appreciate the rights - basically a medium of expressing one's feelings as one would do in their diaries in the good old days, but with the option of sharing it with the millions and millions of people scouring the internet on a daily basis.  But, are blogs still use the same way?

I would say NOT.  Most blogs that you come across have a keen commercial aspect to them, just like this one, yep the one you are reading right now, we at MAG Studios like to blog and like sharing our technical know how and in the internet insights with you, but this does a very good thing for our corporate website http://www.mag-corp.com also.  We can reach out to millions of potential clients across geographical domains and actually post content which is relevant to our business line and also enables the end user to understand and evaluate our skill sets.

I do not completely agree with the title of this post, but it is true that blogging has now more inclined towards commercials increasing becoming one of the most powerful tool of online marketing, be it ad space on the blog itself, or how we do it, to increase traffic to websites but to also share information, which may or may not be useful to our existing and potential clients.

As a business owner or a website owner, are you making full use of the potential of blogging?  Are you just doing it for fun or are your blogs geared towards increasing your website traffic and in turn your revenues? You may come across a number of publications online about business blogging but we feel that blogging should retain its true essence and still be productive for a business.  Why loose the fun element in working, there are plenty of serious pure commercial activities which are done every day at work in any case.

Please get in touch with MAG Studios to understand and evaluate how you can add a blog to your website and increase your traffic and your revenues and also put your thoughts and knowledge and increase your brand's image online.

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