Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Rights and the Wrongs of Blogging

So i blogge"D" about how the online marketing and commercial interests have penetrated into blogging and taken some element of "personal individuality" away from the concept of Blogging these days.  I was tweeting about something when i saw a tweet which said "New blog post: how to use mobile tv? " and this got me wondering whether the blog was written to share knowledge with the readers and then the link was tweeted for the good of internet users or does this also have a keen commercial interest in it.  The reason i am still wondering is because the blog is not reachable and cannot be read ... lol

I am of a very firm belief that a blog should be based on what one wants to write about first and then maybe some commercial interest and internet marketing and seo use.  I wont deny, but all the blog posts that we make for ourselves and our numerous clients, are in some sense used to promote the businesses online and get more and more traffic to the website, however the topics on which we blog about are not decided with that motive.

We, at MAG Studios take interest in what we do and even better, we enjoy what we do.  There are members of our team who take it purely as a job, but the core management and the senior staff love what they do at their work place and hence do a far more superior job than what our competing companies do for their clients.

So, coming back to the topic of the post, we dont think that there is any "Right" or "Wrong" way of blogging.  I mean, it is a blog, you are supposed to put your thoughts your knowledge and your intelligence into it based on what you know, THAT COMES FIRST and then you can use it for any other reason you want, be it online marketing and seo, be it branding or be it promotion of anything at all.

If you would like to work with people who enjoy working and are obviously very well qualified to do the job and also have more than adequate experience and exposure doing work, then please get in touch with us at MAG Studios, - we would love to work with you.

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