Monday, 16 January 2012

Software Development and Websites

So as the title says, this blog is going to be about Software Development and Websites. That is what I do day in and day out.  I am a private consultant with a number of technology companies, which focus mostly on developing software solutions and designing websites.

MAG Studios, happens to be just one of the companies i consult for and they also happen to do software systems development and website designs.  They have all the latest development tools and their developers are in tune with the latest technology methods and compliance methods, but isn't this the same with all the technology companies that you can get to by just typing software development or websites in Google.  When i was approached by MAG Studios to consult for them, i was a little skeptical about joining them, after all I am consulting for the largest IT brand names that you have heard of and then there is this company with no global branding approaching me.  So i decided to dig in a little and find out more about MAG Studios.

MAG Studios has been set up by IIT Graduates (IIT is the premier engineering institute in India and amongst the top engineering institutions all over the world) who have gone ahead and done their MBA's in business administration and further gone ahead and taken their PhD's in Business Administration.  Wow!!! thats a lot of education, but textbook knowledge is very different from practical and real life implementations of solutions, right? so i dig a little more and i find out that the founders themselves have a little over 50+ man years experience, yep, 50+ man years experience in deploying and delivering software implementations in all parts of the world.

Now, that is impressive.  So

Engineering from IIT
MBA's  from the USA
PhD's from the USA

Core team consists of

Software engineers from USA
Software engineers from IIT
MBA's from all over the world
People with 5+ years experience doing whatever role they are doing in MAG Studios
Experience of working for fortune 500 companies
Experience in working with smaller organizations
A successful track record of working with start-ups
Impressive and i mean a very very impressive client list
Supporting large and highly acclaimed IT companies in their development and designing departments in an outsourcing mode

So, do they still need a brand name, which people can recognize?  I think not.  I think once you speak with anyone in the company you can make out the knowledge and the experience.   I joined them about 4 years ago and am happy I did.  There is plenty to learn working with such highly experienced and educated people, that software development and website designing projects take a completely different shape and are transformed into highly productive and efficient revenue earners for all their clients.

MAG Studios has launched a new website and because of the highly strict NDA agreements and software outsourcing contracts, it really does not show MAG Studios in its true capacity and might, but once you engage them in a conversation, their expertise flows.

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