Sunday, 29 January 2012

Work without computers - is it possible?

So, i work for an IT company and we have a big sales team which keeps working on newer sales pitches and ways to sell our products and services to existing and newer clients.  I keep telling them that there job should be the easiest cause i cannot think of any business which can survive and grow without a website, software solutions and marketing on the internet giving them access to the millions and millions of internet users scouring the internet for products and services to buy.

Do you think there are still businesses which are surviving and growing without using computer software solutions and websites in this time and age of growing internet and access in the hands of those millions and millions of users who are looking for your products and services online.  Being a project manager managing the IT applications for some of the largest users of software solutions - I get an insight into the kinds of software requirements growing and already established fortune 500 companies are getting developed.

Be it a software used for internal workings of the company employees - an intranet system or for collaboration and interaction with the clients - a client extranet - or an easy to use non-technical website management system - a content management system or a lead/sales tracking system - a crm system - there is always a need and demand for such software systems by companies.

Apart from the software requirements, websites have now become an integral part of businesses these days.  You could sell your products or services online - if you dont want to sell - just showcase them - use for website as an excellent branding tool, the usage and benefits are unlimited.

Done with the above,  have softwares to increase your efficiency and a website showcasing everything, well now you need Online Marketing and SEO to actually get the millions of users to your website.  You cannot just have a website and not do good online marketing and seo to promote your business online, that is just a bare necessity to earn more money and increase your revenues.

So, now my question to you again?  Do you really think that there are still business houses which can survive and grow without computers???

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    Nice Post.
    Well I think It is not possible to work without computer in any field. In some or the other way everyone is using computer for some purpose.

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