Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Every one is an expert :D

I am sure everyone has at least once or more than once felt that every second person they meet claims and acts and imposes as an expert in some field or another.  Even if you yourself have the highest possible qualification in a subject or the requisite work experience, you do once in a while come across someone, who would tell you how to do your job correctly.  Annoying, but at the same time it is very funny.

We amuse ourselves in our free time by scouring the internet for online marketing and search engine optimization blogs.  We have a long list of blogs, we really look forward to reading to get an insight on what is latest, the moving and changing trends and the latest phenomenon's on search engine - the real bloggers who have proved themselves in this domain and who are the experts - experts we follow, whose advice we practice and validate to the best of our abilities - BUT - we have an even longer list of blogs, which we keep going back to just to read what knowledge they are throwing at gullible readers and pretending that they are the industry leaders in online marketing and search engine optimization, just because they keep blogging using the buzz words in every single paragraph.

If you follow blogs and are fond of reading online, please do search for "Google Panda Update" and you will see  very very long list of websites, each and every one giving you their 2 cents on what the google panda update is all about and some not writing anything at all about the panda update, but just saying the panda update happened. The reason of this blog is one such panda update article that i read and trust me i would love to post the link here, but that would just be too nasty on my part.

So, coming to the main point,  i sincerely hope that all internet users and browsers looking for services and products online dont get too carried away by long meaningless articles and blog posts with fancy designs and patterns.  Please do validate what everyone online claims because chances are that more often than not, there is a BIG element of "not-so-correct" information in there.

Wishing everyone a very happy browsing experience and loads of fun and laughter if you come across any pseudo-knowledgeable blog like i did today.

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